Story of Shufflebum

I’m Tara, a busy mum of two adventurous toddlers who love to explore their surroundings. 

My son used to bum shuffle, often dragging his leg as he moved from one place to another, going through lots of clothes in the process. Trousers took the brunt of the wear and tear, particularly on his outdoor expeditions, I got completely fed up of wrapping him up like it was winter in the middle of summer for protection, and of having to replace clothes every few weeks.

After scouring parent support groups and toddler blogs I despaired that there was nothing around that was hard wearing, comfortable and protective for his delicate skin.

So I got my thinking cap on.

If I couldn’t buy it, I’d have to make it. 

And no, (and I get asked this a lot!) I didn’t just add patches to knees. 

My background working in the motorcycle industry meant that I was able to put my knowledge of the fabric technology used in protective wear to good use and come up with a range that lets children be children, learning to negotiate their surroundings comfortably in their own unique ways and… 

Keeps us parents and carers happy by offering long-lasting, easy-care clothes that look great.

And so Shufflebum was born!